16 OCT 2013


So here is Day 1 of this blogging experience for me. The initial Intent of this blog is a selfish one. It is for me to be accountable and have a “journal” of sorts.  I also want this to be motivational for you. For you to know that you can do it. That one day of a slip up isn’t the end of the world. Life Happens. End of story. Just don’t let life, become “habitual”. So basically what I will do everyday is walk you through what I ate, and what I did for a work out. This will also include when my workouts are couch sittings, and my food is a Big Mac (even though I rarely eat Mcdee’s). I just want you to know that you CAN do this if you set your mind to it. EVEN if you have a busy schedule. I also want you to be able to find motivation through, not just myself, but other fitness hopefuls! SO, with out further ado…here’s what I did/ate today 😀

First of all…I am in the army, so my day started with a 0600 formation 😀 from there (it was awfully cold outside) the students and I went on a release run to the gym (a little over 1 mile, nice easy jog approx. 10 min mile pace) then we did prt. If you don’t know about PRT it’s ok…you can either google search it, or just know most of what we do in TRADOC is like a dynamic warm up…good to start your day with, nothing strenuous. 😀 after completing Prep Drills, CD1, CD2 and Push Up drills (not sit ups because the basketball court sucks for those) we did a nice jog back and some recovery drills.

After all this, I had 4 “Cups” of coffee (I have a 5 “cup” pot and 4 of those went into my mug) with 4 packets of Truvia, and a splash of Almond Milk. I ate a Cup of greek yogurt with peach (I get which ever brand is cheaper at my grocery store when I go.) and a hardboiled egg. I feel this is a good point to add that I am also a smoker (so smoking is NO EXCUSE for not being fit) so I also had my breakfast smoke.

For Lunch, I had leftovers of browned ground beef with cream of potato soup and carmalized onions and garlic with a splash of cheese.

About 2 hrs later, I had an apple and finished off my bag of green seedless grapes.

After a little bit of sitting around the office….it was a slow day, were not in cycle don’t judge me….I went to the Gym. I did the HIIT Treadmill work out (http://www.fitfabcities.com/2012/05/16/printable-workout-35-minute-hiit-interval-running-walking-or-treadmill-workout-and-playlist/), the Medicine Ball Tabata Work out (http://pumpsandiron.com/2013/01/07/medicine-ball-tabata-workout/) AND started the 30 Day Plank Challenge (http://thelemonbowl.com/2013/06/coping-with-weight-gain-after-achieving-weight-loss-success.html). All these work outs only took about 45 min!!! that’s it! not hard at all!!!  (well it was a definite workout, but 45 min isn’t much :D)

After all this, I have been planning on having Pumpkin Soup for dinner, THEN I get a call to come to dinner for a fundraiser at..BUM BUM BUM….BDUBS! Who in their right mind turns down BDUBS!!! SOO I roasted the butternut and left it cooling while I went to BDUBS and ordered the Asian Zing SALAD! I have never looked at the salads before…HOLY CRAP! DELISH! Just like the Asian Zing wings, but HEALTHIER….at least a bit lol. Don’t worry, I made sure to make it real good with some Boulevard Wheat Beer 😀

So that’s pretty much today…Right now I am watching Sons of Anarchy (catching up on last nights show) and letting the pumpkin soup I wanted tonight cool so I can have it for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Here’s the recipe https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=372518542875586&set=p.372518542875586.

So if your day looks better than this…GREAT!! But if you feel that you had some shortcomings….its OK!!! make the healthiest decision  you can at that time, and don’t let the BDUBS and Beer become a daily habit. Just remember to reward yourself, but not for things you haven’t done yet. 😀 and when all else fails, see above picture.


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