It’s getting cold outside….

To start today’s blog I will get a little personal. I have not always been into working out and eating right. Mexican (Tex-Mex) is my weakness. When I got engaged, I weighed about 180ish lbs. (eesh I hope I never see that weight again! I should also take a moment to let you know I am between 5’2″ and 5’4″ depending on the day I suppose so if you are 5’8″ and hating me because I felt 180 was WAY to much….now you understand lol) About 5 months before the wedding I started running because I had to make sure I didn’t gain any weight and could still fit in my dress. This was before I was in the Army, so there was no standard I had to meet, I just had to be happy with myself. I was, to an extent. I hated that I wasn’t as fit as I had been when I was younger in gymnastics or track or basketball, but I wasn’t in high school anymore so a few pounds were to be expected. (This was more than a few pounds, I was kidding myself) The good news was that I ran just enough to be able to fit in my dress, and I looked good in it. I don’t remember how much weight I lost, but It was probably around 10-20 lbs. We were poor at the time seeing as how I was still in college…so food mostly consisted of Ramen and Hamburger Helper and of course, beer. I tell you all this so you know, where ever you are in your life right now, you can make a change. It, more than likely, isn’t going to happen over night. My transformation took years. That was on me. But I will tell you more about me later on. For now, lets move on to todays food consumption and work out experience.

So today was nice and warm, a chilly 40 degrees when we came into work for formation this morning. I personally did not conduct PRT today as I had to treat a patient or two. This is an honesty blog, so I will tell you, my breakfast was not the healthiest I have eaten, lol, but it was Oh SO good. I had some bacon and potatoes, and a biscuit and gravy, along with 2 hard boiled eggs and a scoop of pears. Really I guess its not THAT bad, if I had said no to the biscuit and gravy and potatoes, it would have been rather Paleo lol. But I was starving and I gave into the DFAC yumminess…I mean it was cold and I needed warmth right? I could have gotten more if I wanted to really gluten it up, so I suppose that’s a win :-/.

So for lunch I had a smorgasbord of food! I always have a Diet Dr. Pepper (don’t judge too harshly its the only one I have all day and in college I would finish a case of regular DP in about a day/ day in a half….I think my addiction has come ALONG way lol) I ate a grilled chicken breast I seasoned with Italian spices, I ate some of the soup I was making last night ( but my spoon was a bit small so I will finish that bowl off tonight. I had a few carrots I have chopped up, saved the rest for a snack I plan on eating before the gym, and had a few bites of the Pumpkin Custard I made yesterday as well! It is SO good!! It tastes like pumpkin pie with out the crust!! ( After lunch it’s time to put in a few hours of work then head to the gym. I know not everyone’s schedule is this flexible, you can either hit the gym during lunch, or maybe you have to wait until after work, a little extra time won’t kill ya! If you have people at home depending on you to make dinner, you can also find PLETNY of at home workouts to do and do them while you’re fixing dinner or after. I did this on Monday, and I am sure you will see it happen again later on 😀

Pre-work out snack: Carrot slices and a Pumpkin Smoothie (

So I hit the gym today and was trying to decide what I wanted to work. My legs are still SO SO sore from Monday’s pistol squats (its the hardy girl work out from Spartan race WOD since the blog did not start on Monday.) I also know that you need to keep working through soreness though, or you wont get any where. So I settled on the Brazillian Butt Workout (, the 30 day Plank challenge started yesterday ( and The Spartan WOD: Spartan ABS 1.0 (there is no link to this as it is a daily email or post on facebook. You can like them at and see the daily posts or sign up for the email) Here is the ABS work out:

10 Burpees
5 Burpee pull-ups
3 Burpee pull-ups with knee raises (be sure to raise your knees in a controlled manner after the initial pull-up, while your chin is being held above the bar)

15 crunches
10 laying leg raises
5 hanging knee raises

repeat as necessary

I finished 6 rounds in 24:05! and I have some blisters on my hands :-/ but they were worth it.

Make sure you stretch after every work out. I recently completed 12 week training for a 1/2 marathon and then of course completed the 1/2 finishing in under 2 hrs! During that training was when I learned how important it is to stretch. I started having back pain from my hips being too tight :(. So again I reiterate….STRETCH!!!

After all that was dinner time! I ate the rest of that soup! It was a lot easier to eat with a normal persons spoon instead of the disposable spoon. I also ate with some glutino crackers they are delish! And I cut up another chicken breast seasoned with Italian seasoning in a salad with 50/50 spinach and spring greens with carrots and a small amount of cheese. For desert I finished off the small bowl of pumpkin custard. All in all a great day!! So its time for me to sit back, catch up on my shows and hit the hay 😀


(motivational pictures on my blog are found on Pinterest)


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