Homecoming set backs

So this weekend was Oklahoma States Homecoming!! I made my way up to Stillwater for Walk arounds. I started off the morning with my coffee and an apple. I had planned on getting up and getting a work out in….I ended up just doing the Day 3 of the Plank challenge…I hate when I lose the battle, but sometimes shit happens. I will admit that the first slip up can lead to more…its a slippery slope. I like to cut lose and reward myself on weekends too for good weeks work….I did pretty well this past week, so let me explain to you my “rewards” for this weekend lol.


After the no work out Friday morning, my brother and I split an order of Fuzzy’s Taco Nachos….I guess one WIN is that I didn’t try to eat the whole order alone 😀 For dinner we had brisket and some ribs and some summer sausage….I didn’t gorge….so win again lol. I also had a few yummy beers while waiting on a very special someone 😀 I will say I got a good Hour or so in of walking looking at the awesome House Dec’s!

So Saturday of course was game day!! It was cold to start, so we walked to starbucks and I had a pumpkin spice latte and one of their pumpkin muffins….both delish…and unhealthy :-/ but definitely worth it that day. During the game I had some popcorn to hold me over since the game started at 11….(I HATE 11 am GAMES!!) after the AWESOME WIN  over TCU we went and ate Da Vinci’s…yes its Italian…no its not paleo…yet again…:-/ And what would the win be worth if we didn’t celebrate with beers after 😀

So sunday comes around…got a gas station coffee before the LONG drive back home and some tornados. For Lunch though….MUCH healthier…I had some more of my soup (found on the previous post) with my glutino crackers. For dinner, steak, sweet potato chips (http://easy-cookbook-recipes.com/grilled-sweet-potato-medallions/) and mixed veggies…I wont lie…for an after dinner snack I gave my self one more treat for the weekend….gluten free chips and dip…

So there you have my glutinous weekend! So if you ate healthy and worked out this weekend, GOOD FOR YOU!!! I will be hitting it again starting tomorrow!! Also I apologize for not posting each day, I had no internet…again…tomorrow is another day 😀


One thought on “Homecoming set backs

  1. My weekend was much busier than usual so I didn’t walk like I had planned but I will get back on track tomorrow!

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