Welcome Back

So let me start by saying I have NEVER been a morning person. Something about my army carrer, however, changed that lol. So my morning started out at 0415. My coffee was already brewing (plus side to programable appliances :D) and I got up, started getting dressed, and began packing my breakfast and lunch. For breakfast I packed a hard boiled egg, Blueberry greek yogurt and one of the banana muffins made last night! For lunch I packed a salad with carrots and some cheese and a SMALL amount of thousand Island dressing (I have wonderful lunch pack set that has a salad bowl with built in dressing dispenser on top that doesnt allow you to put too much in. I found it at ross but I have also seen them at target, the pack is made by these people: http://shop.fit-fresh.com/b/5456729011#searchRank=-product_site_launch_date&searchSize=12&searchPage=2&searchBinNameList=.  I also packed a small grilled pork chop and a banana.

After PRT this morning in which I walked about a mile after the prep drills and MMD 1, I went to the gym and did 31 min on the bike resulting in a little over 5 miles and then 16 min of abs. The ab work out  consisted of 30 sec plank 10 crunches on a ball 10 crunches on a ball with an 8 lb weighted ball in hand, and 10 each side oblique crunches on ball with 8 lb weighted ball. I repeated this 4 times adding 5 sec to each plank which took care of todays plank in the 30 day plank challenge 😀

After all that, for dinner, we had leftovers 😀 Roast and veggies. Sadly now thats gone, and I have to prepare to cook tomorrow. lol


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