And we’ll never be Royals…

So to cover why the title of the post….it’s a song that has been stuck in my head…( Royals by LORDE. The music video is weird, but the lines got me thinking…you always tell people they can be what ever they want…they can have it all….but that’s really a lie….which in turn is rather fitting with how I am feeling today. It’s one of those I want it all kinda days, but it is not going to happen. It becomes very hard balancing Work, Family, eating healthy, and working out, without loosing your mind. Days like today will be tough.

We did PRT this morning as per usual. I shoveled down some breakfast which consisted of peach greek yogurt and a banana muffin and small piece of pumpkin bread (recipes on yesterday and the day before blog) Then I started collecting dental records from 0815-0900. From 0900-1050 I was discussing issues that need to be briefed this afternoon at a meeting….then I had to come up with slides to send up for this meeting. Now I am taking lunch and decided to hit up the blog so I have less to type this evening!

It’s days like this that at home work outs and running/walking come in handy. I obviously did not get to hit up the gym during breakfast, and I needed to eat lunch and finish up the slides before my other meeting at 1300, so I will spend all afternoon in meetings. I also have a husband at home that, if I don’t cook dinner, will have eating some very un-healthy take out. 😦 that’s a sad day on a Thursday. So how does all this tie in to the you can’t have it all? Maybe I should re-phrase to you can’t have it all, all the time. There is this wonderful thing called LIFE that gets in the way of that. My ideal life would have it set to where I could be well rested, have a job, eat healthy breakfast lunch and dinner, hit up the gym or get a nice 5 mile run in AND be home to cook said dinner and spend time with the husband while getting some nice relaxation and reading time in all at different times and some lasting at least an hour. The reality is that you can’t always have all of those for the time you would like them, or all of them in one day some days, without ending up feeling rushed and stressed and heading yourself towards a fall out.

Scheduling and prepping DEFINITLY help, but sometimes things come up, like today. So what do I do. Well I take a deep breath and remember its THURSDAY and that means the weekend is right around the corner, and I do what I can. I’ve done well with the eating healthy and having a job part. Now to decide how to fit in the other 3….SOO (prepping) I scanned through my work out binder (it’s a binder I compiled from my workouts on Pinterest and spartan WODs I’ve printed) and found “The Girls” 1c71cb33d822966cf2a6b47db233bb45. For those of you that don’t know, crossfit workouts are named after girls. If you look at the picture, it explains why, same reasoning as why storms are named after girls. Here there is a section labeled “Just Yo’ Body”. Now if you read my first post, I talked about how the day before I had to work out WHILE cooking dinner…seems today will be the same….and this is how I fit all my pieces together. I have narrowed it down to 3 I can do while cooking dinner (depending on what I cook with the beef I let thaw)….Chelsea, Cindy, or Angie. You can google what the acronyms mean but I will tell you: EMOM is every min on the min. AMRAP is as many rounds as possible. and AFAP is as fast as possible. These work outs are great for when you have something in the oven, or on the stove that doesn’t need constant attention. Then you are killing two birds with one stone, and after I will still have husband time, and relaxation time and still be able to make it to bed at a decent hour. Now I will say, if I had to do this EVERY day, it would become very discouraging and I probably wouldn’t be able to uphold my standards. I would have to find what worked for me in that situation. Which is what you have to do….find what works for YOU. That a HUGE step in being successful with your fitness. You need to have your goals, have a support group who knows your goals and will hold you accountable, find what schedule or routine works for YOU, and don’t get overly frustrated when life happens (I know not working out puts me in a bad mood so I have to take a few deep breaths and drive on). Just don’t left life happening, leave your goals behind.

That being said…what I had for lunch 😀 I had 3 slices of deli meat…I believe two were ham and 1 turkey and 3 slices of cheese. No bread or other fixin’s just a “sammach roll” 😉 (I am out of eggy wraps) peas left over from last night, raw carrots, and some grapes. (and we can’t forget the DDP). It was actually quite delish and filling for something I just threw in my lunch pail this morning lol.

So I went with Cindy 😀 I finished 12 rounds in 20 min…not awesome, but I am still working on pull ups :-/ And I will admit, I did not cook and work out…dinner took like 5 sec…ground beef, frozen pepper mix, chopped onion, and ranch style beans all mixed together and green beans as a side. Sadly, I was so hungry and tired, I ate two helpings :-/ I guess I should state that I didn’t get home till after 6. The meeting I worked for all morning was cancelled, but then I was informed of a meeting at 5….yay…But after dinner, I watched Tuesdays Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition so that my food could settle….then I started Cindy…. 😀 Now the hubs and I are watching tonight’s Big Bang Theory 😀 So there you have it. Apparently you can have it all, IF you cut it into 20-30 min segments 😀


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