Final Friday….

watch meI’m sure you think I mis-typed the title of this post. I’m sure you’re thinking I meant finally Friday. Well, No, I didn’t. In my Unit we have this wonderful bullshit called Final Friday the last Friday of each month. It is supposedly a way to build camaraderie with in the unit. I don’t feel anything someone else forces you to do, will help build camaraderie. It just makes you resentful. Especially with the way this works, it’s mandatory, and you have to go at 1630, on a Friday. What’s worse is they try to make it seem better by offering a little bit of free booze…Because that sounds like a good idea. Lets harp and harp and harp about not drinking and driving and have everyone come in uniform once a month to get some alcohol before heading home….GENIUS!!! What can I say though, we are part of the government and nothing they do makes sense. Anyway, there’s my rant for the day! 😀

So to get to the good part! IT’S FRIDAY!!! Whoo-hooo. I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. But I did. Didn’t do much for PT this morning, the usual PRT prep drills, CD 1, CD2. For breakfast I had and apple and a banana with some Nutella! I swear its hard to eat fruit with out it now. If you haven’t had it and are prone to addiction, I suggest you stay away…I may be needing Nutella Rehab lol. For a mid morning snack I had a Pumpkin Smoothie (

Around the office, someone higher up decided we needed tile instead of carpet, so after breakfast we spent the morning setting our office back up. I really like what we did with it, We have a lot more room, not sure the guy we share the space with will be happy with his smaller area, but we have two people working at one desk, soooo…. 😀 For Lunch I had gluten free corn chowder. Some more of my muffin and pumpkin bread from the past few days and some gluten free crackers from Glutino ( After lunch we finished setting up the computer and desk, then some of us were supposed to go to a Focus Group for instructors. I am still trying to figure out whose bright idea it was to send me to this thing. I don’t teach students here. I just process them….oh well lol because, as many things have this week, the group got cancelled possibly just postponed lol. Thank goodness. Id’ve shot myself in the face if I’d actually had to sit through that lol.

So after sitting around doing nothing, because I would’ve gone home already, we made it to final Friday. Thank goodness my command team is understanding. We saw the commander and he told us to go home lol.
Once at home, I took the hubs to my favorite Friday place for dinner and a beer, Red Dirt Bar and grill. I had an AMAZING turkey club with blue cheese and avocado!! it was delish!! then we came home and watched Deliverance. I had never seen it. It was kind of a let down, but most movies from the 1970s are these days lol. I did not work out today. I’ll survive. Probably wont get any in Saturday either, Ill make up for it Sunday 😀



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