Fatty Cakes


So blogging everyday can start to feel like a chore! So to catch up…I haven’t been so good with the eating healthy so far this week…any woman will understand lol. I have continued to work out though. I know I say this a lot, and sometimes it seems like maybe I’m doing a lot of cheating…but lets just say that there have been a lot of extenuating circumstances these past two weeks. Not that that’s an excuse, just saying that if this happens to you, just don’t let it become a long time habit. You should make the good healthy lifestyle become the habit. So it is important to not “cheat” near as much at the beginning. It is definitely a lot easier to go back to the healthy lifestyle the longer you’ve been at it.

So recently the things I have been doing (I won’t try to remember what all I ate, but I promise it was delicious, and NOT nutritious lol) I went on a 5.6 mile run on Monday, Tuesday was a bit of legs…squats and the like and Wednesday brought on a 2 mile “run” (this was quite possibly the slowest run I’ve ever been on. All you walkers could’ve kept up lol)

I will say that on Monday and Wednesday I did eat pretty healthy. I also happened to make up dinner both days lol. Monday was 2 chicken breasts in a 2 qt crock pot with 1 can cream of chicken, 1 can chicken broth, and 1 small can chipotle adobe chilis. Let cook for 12 hrs on low. It was delish!! I just ate mine as is, with some cream corn, my husband put it on bread with the sauce and loved it.
Wednesday was port chops…..wrapped in….BACON!!!! then I took mixed frozen veggies on top of it, then put diced tomatoes seasoned with oregano and basil and cooked it on 425 for 40 min! It smelled like pizza and tasted SOOO good!!!!

SO I hope this finds your Hump day well!


One thought on “Fatty Cakes

  1. The pork chops wrapped in bacon sounds yummm! I love the pic at the top BTW, it’s definitely me!

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