About Me

So I don’t want to give it all away, I will reveal more and more about myself as my posts come. But to give a little background, I joined the Army September 11,2009. I wasn’t anywhere close to fit when I came in, and it took me a while to get into fitness. I starting training for Tough Mudder in March 2012…that’s quite a few years to get really started lol. I was inspired to complete a Tough Mudder after watching my friends get married at Tough Mudder in March of 2012. I saw their transformation, and I was JEALOUS!! But jealousy gets you no where…you have to work at it!! I completed my first Tough Mudder Oct 6, 2012 and since I have ran several 5K races, two 10K’s another Mud Run (not tough mudder) and recently(the year anniversary of my Mudder) ran a 1/2 marathon (13.1)!! My next goal….26.2 in April at the OKC Memorial.  (So that’s where it started…and here I am…One bit of advice…don’t look too long or too often at the scale….I have only lost about 15-20 lbs….but the inches….they’ve vanished:D So join me on my continued journey, look at my daily “journal” and know that you can do it too! GET A SUPPORT SYSTEM!! even if its me through comments!


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