Fatty Cakes


So blogging everyday can start to feel like a chore! So to catch up…I haven’t been so good with the eating healthy so far this week…any woman will understand lol. I have continued to work out though. I know I say this a lot, and sometimes it seems like maybe I’m doing a lot of cheating…but lets just say that there have been a lot of extenuating circumstances these past two weeks. Not that that’s an excuse, just saying that if this happens to you, just don’t let it become a long time habit. You should make the good healthy lifestyle become the habit. So it is important to not “cheat” near as much at the beginning. It is definitely a lot easier to go back to the healthy lifestyle the longer you’ve been at it.

So recently the things I have been doing (I won’t try to remember what all I ate, but I promise it was delicious, and NOT nutritious lol) I went on a 5.6 mile run on Monday, Tuesday was a bit of legs…squats and the like and Wednesday brought on a 2 mile “run” (this was quite possibly the slowest run I’ve ever been on. All you walkers could’ve kept up lol)

I will say that on Monday and Wednesday I did eat pretty healthy. I also happened to make up dinner both days lol. Monday was 2 chicken breasts in a 2 qt crock pot with 1 can cream of chicken, 1 can chicken broth, and 1 small can chipotle adobe chilis. Let cook for 12 hrs on low. It was delish!! I just ate mine as is, with some cream corn, my husband put it on bread with the sauce and loved it.
Wednesday was port chops…..wrapped in….BACON!!!! then I took mixed frozen veggies on top of it, then put diced tomatoes seasoned with oregano and basil and cooked it on 425 for 40 min! It smelled like pizza and tasted SOOO good!!!!

SO I hope this finds your Hump day well!


Final Friday….

watch meI’m sure you think I mis-typed the title of this post. I’m sure you’re thinking I meant finally Friday. Well, No, I didn’t. In my Unit we have this wonderful bullshit called Final Friday the last Friday of each month. It is supposedly a way to build camaraderie with in the unit. I don’t feel anything someone else forces you to do, will help build camaraderie. It just makes you resentful. Especially with the way this works, it’s mandatory, and you have to go at 1630, on a Friday. What’s worse is they try to make it seem better by offering a little bit of free booze…Because that sounds like a good idea. Lets harp and harp and harp about not drinking and driving and have everyone come in uniform once a month to get some alcohol before heading home….GENIUS!!! What can I say though, we are part of the government and nothing they do makes sense. Anyway, there’s my rant for the day! 😀

So to get to the good part! IT’S FRIDAY!!! Whoo-hooo. I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. But I did. Didn’t do much for PT this morning, the usual PRT prep drills, CD 1, CD2. For breakfast I had and apple and a banana with some Nutella! I swear its hard to eat fruit with out it now. If you haven’t had it and are prone to addiction, I suggest you stay away…I may be needing Nutella Rehab lol. For a mid morning snack I had a Pumpkin Smoothie (http://www.fannetasticfood.com/2013/09/25/pumpkin-pie-smoothie/).

Around the office, someone higher up decided we needed tile instead of carpet, so after breakfast we spent the morning setting our office back up. I really like what we did with it, We have a lot more room, not sure the guy we share the space with will be happy with his smaller area, but we have two people working at one desk, soooo…. 😀 For Lunch I had gluten free corn chowder. Some more of my muffin and pumpkin bread from the past few days and some gluten free crackers from Glutino (http://www.glutino.com/products/crackers/original-crackers/) After lunch we finished setting up the computer and desk, then some of us were supposed to go to a Focus Group for instructors. I am still trying to figure out whose bright idea it was to send me to this thing. I don’t teach students here. I just process them….oh well lol because, as many things have this week, the group got cancelled possibly just postponed lol. Thank goodness. Id’ve shot myself in the face if I’d actually had to sit through that lol.

So after sitting around doing nothing, because I would’ve gone home already, we made it to final Friday. Thank goodness my command team is understanding. We saw the commander and he told us to go home lol.
Once at home, I took the hubs to my favorite Friday place for dinner and a beer, Red Dirt Bar and grill. I had an AMAZING turkey club with blue cheese and avocado!! it was delish!! then we came home and watched Deliverance. I had never seen it. It was kind of a let down, but most movies from the 1970s are these days lol. I did not work out today. I’ll survive. Probably wont get any in Saturday either, Ill make up for it Sunday 😀


And we’ll never be Royals…

So to cover why the title of the post….it’s a song that has been stuck in my head…(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFasFq4GJYM) Royals by LORDE. The music video is weird, but the lines got me thinking…you always tell people they can be what ever they want…they can have it all….but that’s really a lie….which in turn is rather fitting with how I am feeling today. It’s one of those I want it all kinda days, but it is not going to happen. It becomes very hard balancing Work, Family, eating healthy, and working out, without loosing your mind. Days like today will be tough.

We did PRT this morning as per usual. I shoveled down some breakfast which consisted of peach greek yogurt and a banana muffin and small piece of pumpkin bread (recipes on yesterday and the day before blog) Then I started collecting dental records from 0815-0900. From 0900-1050 I was discussing issues that need to be briefed this afternoon at a meeting….then I had to come up with slides to send up for this meeting. Now I am taking lunch and decided to hit up the blog so I have less to type this evening!

It’s days like this that at home work outs and running/walking come in handy. I obviously did not get to hit up the gym during breakfast, and I needed to eat lunch and finish up the slides before my other meeting at 1300, so I will spend all afternoon in meetings. I also have a husband at home that, if I don’t cook dinner, will have eating some very un-healthy take out. 😦 that’s a sad day on a Thursday. So how does all this tie in to the you can’t have it all? Maybe I should re-phrase to you can’t have it all, all the time. There is this wonderful thing called LIFE that gets in the way of that. My ideal life would have it set to where I could be well rested, have a job, eat healthy breakfast lunch and dinner, hit up the gym or get a nice 5 mile run in AND be home to cook said dinner and spend time with the husband while getting some nice relaxation and reading time in all at different times and some lasting at least an hour. The reality is that you can’t always have all of those for the time you would like them, or all of them in one day some days, without ending up feeling rushed and stressed and heading yourself towards a fall out.

Scheduling and prepping DEFINITLY help, but sometimes things come up, like today. So what do I do. Well I take a deep breath and remember its THURSDAY and that means the weekend is right around the corner, and I do what I can. I’ve done well with the eating healthy and having a job part. Now to decide how to fit in the other 3….SOO (prepping) I scanned through my work out binder (it’s a binder I compiled from my workouts on Pinterest and spartan WODs I’ve printed) and found “The Girls” 1c71cb33d822966cf2a6b47db233bb45. For those of you that don’t know, crossfit workouts are named after girls. If you look at the picture, it explains why, same reasoning as why storms are named after girls. Here there is a section labeled “Just Yo’ Body”. Now if you read my first post, I talked about how the day before I had to work out WHILE cooking dinner…seems today will be the same….and this is how I fit all my pieces together. I have narrowed it down to 3 I can do while cooking dinner (depending on what I cook with the beef I let thaw)….Chelsea, Cindy, or Angie. You can google what the acronyms mean but I will tell you: EMOM is every min on the min. AMRAP is as many rounds as possible. and AFAP is as fast as possible. These work outs are great for when you have something in the oven, or on the stove that doesn’t need constant attention. Then you are killing two birds with one stone, and after I will still have husband time, and relaxation time and still be able to make it to bed at a decent hour. Now I will say, if I had to do this EVERY day, it would become very discouraging and I probably wouldn’t be able to uphold my standards. I would have to find what worked for me in that situation. Which is what you have to do….find what works for YOU. That a HUGE step in being successful with your fitness. You need to have your goals, have a support group who knows your goals and will hold you accountable, find what schedule or routine works for YOU, and don’t get overly frustrated when life happens (I know not working out puts me in a bad mood so I have to take a few deep breaths and drive on). Just don’t left life happening, leave your goals behind.

That being said…what I had for lunch 😀 I had 3 slices of deli meat…I believe two were ham and 1 turkey and 3 slices of cheese. No bread or other fixin’s just a “sammach roll” 😉 (I am out of eggy wraps) peas left over from last night, raw carrots, and some grapes. (and we can’t forget the DDP). It was actually quite delish and filling for something I just threw in my lunch pail this morning lol.

So I went with Cindy 😀 I finished 12 rounds in 20 min…not awesome, but I am still working on pull ups :-/ And I will admit, I did not cook and work out…dinner took like 5 sec…ground beef, frozen pepper mix, chopped onion, and ranch style beans all mixed together and green beans as a side. Sadly, I was so hungry and tired, I ate two helpings :-/ I guess I should state that I didn’t get home till after 6. The meeting I worked for all morning was cancelled, but then I was informed of a meeting at 5….yay…But after dinner, I watched Tuesdays Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition so that my food could settle….then I started Cindy…. 😀 Now the hubs and I are watching tonight’s Big Bang Theory 😀 So there you have it. Apparently you can have it all, IF you cut it into 20-30 min segments 😀

Hump Day…or somthing like that

Today has started off a little rough. I woke up late :-/ but not late enough to be late for work, just late enough that I was rushed putting up my dishes from the dishwasher and packing my lunch, OH yeah AND my coffee didnt brew itself this morning so I had to wait on that. BUT after all that I got out the door and got to work to do some wonderful PRT. I was actually quite sore today when we did push up/sit up drills and 4 for the Core. Yesterdays ab work out was lovely! I believe I will do some more today 😀

For breakfast this morning I had a pink lady apple, some greek yourt with peach, AND some of that paleo bread (http://www.runningtothekitchen.com/2012/11/pumpkin-streusel-bread/) from Monday with a Paleo Banana Nut muffin (http://withstyleandgraceblog.com/2012/05/22/paleo-banana-bread-muffins/) for mid morning snack 😀

For Lunch I packed my second Pork Chop 😀 (grilled of course) 1 C of carrots, 2 C of cantelope and grapes ( a mix not each lol) and a baby bell gouda cheese! (YUM!!)


So this is what I have on tap for this afternoons workout!:



of course adding the Plank Challenge, today is another 45 sec!! As always you should warm up before HIIT training, I started with a nice .80 mile jog. After completing 2 rounds of the HIIT workout, I had another .80 mile jog cool down. Why  .80 miles you ask? Because that’s how far it is around the block back to my house lol. You can warm up and cool down as far as you want, just try to keep it at 5 min or at least .5 miles.

Today my husband and I ate dinner at our dinning room table for the first time just the two of us!! It was so nice! We had applewood smoked bacon and maple flavored Salmon, sweet peas with garlic and onion and sweet potato tots 😀 (Baked not fried)  It is SO nice to have someone to cook for again!! With us both being in the army we spent a lot of time apart. It was a relief to go to the gym or for a nice long run when he was deployed and most recently when we were stationed at different posts waiting on his medical discharge. A big issue people find when they’ve replaced a void someone fills with something healthy, working out, cooking healthy etc…can easily drop off once that person gets back where they belong. It is important to remember to do things for you. If you want to eat healthy and work out, keep doing it. If you want to keep feeling as good as you do, as well as about yourself…you shouldn’t stop! if you change your new habit (lifestyle) you will easily become depressed and may even start to resent the person you longed for. You can try to motivate them to join you, or in my case, just stay strong and know how far you’ve come, and gradually stop buying the potato chips and cookies again….slowly so they wont notice 😉 I can say all this because I am almost 100% sure my husband will never see this….and if he does…its probably well after the junk has re-left the house and he is having an AH HA moment 😀

Well that’s it for tonight. Glad I got the computer plugged back in so I can be sure to post tonight 😀 Its time for some Sons of Anarchy and Revolution 😀 I LOVE DVR!  it ensures I can watch the shows I want with out missing a work out or SLEEP (the most important part of being healthy)

Welcome Back

So let me start by saying I have NEVER been a morning person. Something about my army carrer, however, changed that lol. So my morning started out at 0415. My coffee was already brewing (plus side to programable appliances :D) and I got up, started getting dressed, and began packing my breakfast and lunch. For breakfast I packed a hard boiled egg, Blueberry greek yogurt and one of the banana muffins made last night! For lunch I packed a salad with carrots and some cheese and a SMALL amount of thousand Island dressing (I have wonderful lunch pack set that has a salad bowl with built in dressing dispenser on top that doesnt allow you to put too much in. I found it at ross but I have also seen them at target, the pack is made by these people: http://shop.fit-fresh.com/b/5456729011#searchRank=-product_site_launch_date&searchSize=12&searchPage=2&searchBinNameList=.  I also packed a small grilled pork chop and a banana.

After PRT this morning in which I walked about a mile after the prep drills and MMD 1, I went to the gym and did 31 min on the bike resulting in a little over 5 miles and then 16 min of abs. The ab work out  consisted of 30 sec plank 10 crunches on a ball 10 crunches on a ball with an 8 lb weighted ball in hand, and 10 each side oblique crunches on ball with 8 lb weighted ball. I repeated this 4 times adding 5 sec to each plank which took care of todays plank in the 30 day plank challenge 😀

After all that, for dinner, we had leftovers 😀 Roast and veggies. Sadly now thats gone, and I have to prepare to cook tomorrow. lol

Monday Fun day

Today started out bitter sweet. I am so excited to have my husband home, but we started the day off with a funeral. This meant waking up early already, and I will admit, i slept a little extra instead of getting up and working out. I also forgot to eat breakfast, but I DID NOT forget the coffee lol. After the trip to Norman, it was lunch time, and since I skipped breakfast, we had to stop somewhere quick for lunch. The hubs decided to get Braums. Now, while I do not suggest doing this often, you can stop at a fast food and get generally healthy food. I could’ve opted for the Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad, but I wasnt feeling that hungry, and you have to be careful with salads anyways because half the time they are more fattening than getting a Big Mac. So I opted for a grilled chicken sandwhich meal (small of course) and I took the grilled chicken and lettuce off the bun. I LOVE Braums’ bread, but I kept my will power and did not eat it.

Now I will admit that while I did not get up early for breakfast or a quick work out, I did start dinner, which was going to be Roast because its fall and I have been craving it! While I was waiting on dinner to finish….I went for a run. Not a long run, but sprint intervals. 12 min total. For these you simple sprint for 1 min and jog for 2, repeat for 12 min. Now if that is too hard, you can sprint for 1 min and walk for 2 and if it isn’t enough, you can always go longer, but that was the time that I wanted to get done that day. Right now it’s a little hard to motivate myself to do alot because I just came off the 13.1 training and completion and am in “rest” phase before I start my 26.2 training in January for the OKC Memorial Marathon. It is always good to have goals. SO my goal for right now, is keep working out. 😀

After my run, and after I ate dinner, I started prepping for lunch/breakfast tomorrow by making Pumpkin Strusel (http://www.runningtothekitchen.com/2012/11/pumpkin-streusel-bread/) and Paleo Banana Bread Muffins (http://withstyleandgraceblog.com/2012/05/22/paleo-banana-bread-muffins/). The biggest downfall in may peoples health/fitness lifestyle is the lake of preparation. Keep this in mind when you start on your journey. 😀


(sorry it is posted a day late….forgot to hit submit)

Homecoming set backs

So this weekend was Oklahoma States Homecoming!! I made my way up to Stillwater for Walk arounds. I started off the morning with my coffee and an apple. I had planned on getting up and getting a work out in….I ended up just doing the Day 3 of the Plank challenge…I hate when I lose the battle, but sometimes shit happens. I will admit that the first slip up can lead to more…its a slippery slope. I like to cut lose and reward myself on weekends too for good weeks work….I did pretty well this past week, so let me explain to you my “rewards” for this weekend lol.


After the no work out Friday morning, my brother and I split an order of Fuzzy’s Taco Nachos….I guess one WIN is that I didn’t try to eat the whole order alone 😀 For dinner we had brisket and some ribs and some summer sausage….I didn’t gorge….so win again lol. I also had a few yummy beers while waiting on a very special someone 😀 I will say I got a good Hour or so in of walking looking at the awesome House Dec’s!

So Saturday of course was game day!! It was cold to start, so we walked to starbucks and I had a pumpkin spice latte and one of their pumpkin muffins….both delish…and unhealthy :-/ but definitely worth it that day. During the game I had some popcorn to hold me over since the game started at 11….(I HATE 11 am GAMES!!) after the AWESOME WIN  over TCU we went and ate Da Vinci’s…yes its Italian…no its not paleo…yet again…:-/ And what would the win be worth if we didn’t celebrate with beers after 😀

So sunday comes around…got a gas station coffee before the LONG drive back home and some tornados. For Lunch though….MUCH healthier…I had some more of my soup (found on the previous post) with my glutino crackers. For dinner, steak, sweet potato chips (http://easy-cookbook-recipes.com/grilled-sweet-potato-medallions/) and mixed veggies…I wont lie…for an after dinner snack I gave my self one more treat for the weekend….gluten free chips and dip…

So there you have my glutinous weekend! So if you ate healthy and worked out this weekend, GOOD FOR YOU!!! I will be hitting it again starting tomorrow!! Also I apologize for not posting each day, I had no internet…again…tomorrow is another day 😀

It’s getting cold outside….

To start today’s blog I will get a little personal. I have not always been into working out and eating right. Mexican (Tex-Mex) is my weakness. When I got engaged, I weighed about 180ish lbs. (eesh I hope I never see that weight again! I should also take a moment to let you know I am between 5’2″ and 5’4″ depending on the day I suppose so if you are 5’8″ and hating me because I felt 180 was WAY to much….now you understand lol) About 5 months before the wedding I started running because I had to make sure I didn’t gain any weight and could still fit in my dress. This was before I was in the Army, so there was no standard I had to meet, I just had to be happy with myself. I was, to an extent. I hated that I wasn’t as fit as I had been when I was younger in gymnastics or track or basketball, but I wasn’t in high school anymore so a few pounds were to be expected. (This was more than a few pounds, I was kidding myself) The good news was that I ran just enough to be able to fit in my dress, and I looked good in it. I don’t remember how much weight I lost, but It was probably around 10-20 lbs. We were poor at the time seeing as how I was still in college…so food mostly consisted of Ramen and Hamburger Helper and of course, beer. I tell you all this so you know, where ever you are in your life right now, you can make a change. It, more than likely, isn’t going to happen over night. My transformation took years. That was on me. But I will tell you more about me later on. For now, lets move on to todays food consumption and work out experience.

So today was nice and warm, a chilly 40 degrees when we came into work for formation this morning. I personally did not conduct PRT today as I had to treat a patient or two. This is an honesty blog, so I will tell you, my breakfast was not the healthiest I have eaten, lol, but it was Oh SO good. I had some bacon and potatoes, and a biscuit and gravy, along with 2 hard boiled eggs and a scoop of pears. Really I guess its not THAT bad, if I had said no to the biscuit and gravy and potatoes, it would have been rather Paleo lol. But I was starving and I gave into the DFAC yumminess…I mean it was cold and I needed warmth right? I could have gotten more if I wanted to really gluten it up, so I suppose that’s a win :-/.

So for lunch I had a smorgasbord of food! I always have a Diet Dr. Pepper (don’t judge too harshly its the only one I have all day and in college I would finish a case of regular DP in about a day/ day in a half….I think my addiction has come ALONG way lol) I ate a grilled chicken breast I seasoned with Italian spices, I ate some of the soup I was making last night (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=372518542875586&set=p.372518542875586) but my spoon was a bit small so I will finish that bowl off tonight. I had a few carrots I have chopped up, saved the rest for a snack I plan on eating before the gym, and had a few bites of the Pumpkin Custard I made yesterday as well! It is SO good!! It tastes like pumpkin pie with out the crust!! (http://www.health-bent.com/treats/paleo-maple-pumpkin-custard-cups). After lunch it’s time to put in a few hours of work then head to the gym. I know not everyone’s schedule is this flexible, you can either hit the gym during lunch, or maybe you have to wait until after work, a little extra time won’t kill ya! If you have people at home depending on you to make dinner, you can also find PLETNY of at home workouts to do and do them while you’re fixing dinner or after. I did this on Monday, and I am sure you will see it happen again later on 😀

Pre-work out snack: Carrot slices and a Pumpkin Smoothie (http://www.fannetasticfood.com/2013/09/25/pumpkin-pie-smoothie/)

So I hit the gym today and was trying to decide what I wanted to work. My legs are still SO SO sore from Monday’s pistol squats (its the hardy girl work out from Spartan race WOD since the blog did not start on Monday.) I also know that you need to keep working through soreness though, or you wont get any where. So I settled on the Brazillian Butt Workout (http://static.superskinnyme.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/treadmill-butt-workout-final2.jpg), the 30 day Plank challenge started yesterday (http://thelemonbowl.com/2013/06/coping-with-weight-gain-after-achieving-weight-loss-success.html) and The Spartan WOD: Spartan ABS 1.0 (there is no link to this as it is a daily email or post on facebook. You can like them at https://www.facebook.com/spartanrace?ref=br_tf and see the daily posts or sign up for the email) Here is the ABS work out:

10 Burpees
5 Burpee pull-ups
3 Burpee pull-ups with knee raises (be sure to raise your knees in a controlled manner after the initial pull-up, while your chin is being held above the bar)

15 crunches
10 laying leg raises
5 hanging knee raises

repeat as necessary

I finished 6 rounds in 24:05! and I have some blisters on my hands :-/ but they were worth it.

Make sure you stretch after every work out. I recently completed 12 week training for a 1/2 marathon and then of course completed the 1/2 finishing in under 2 hrs! During that training was when I learned how important it is to stretch. I started having back pain from my hips being too tight :(. So again I reiterate….STRETCH!!!

After all that was dinner time! I ate the rest of that soup! It was a lot easier to eat with a normal persons spoon instead of the disposable spoon. I also ate with some glutino crackers they are delish! And I cut up another chicken breast seasoned with Italian seasoning in a salad with 50/50 spinach and spring greens with carrots and a small amount of cheese. For desert I finished off the small bowl of pumpkin custard. All in all a great day!! So its time for me to sit back, catch up on my shows and hit the hay 😀


(motivational pictures on my blog are found on Pinterest)

16 OCT 2013


So here is Day 1 of this blogging experience for me. The initial Intent of this blog is a selfish one. It is for me to be accountable and have a “journal” of sorts.  I also want this to be motivational for you. For you to know that you can do it. That one day of a slip up isn’t the end of the world. Life Happens. End of story. Just don’t let life, become “habitual”. So basically what I will do everyday is walk you through what I ate, and what I did for a work out. This will also include when my workouts are couch sittings, and my food is a Big Mac (even though I rarely eat Mcdee’s). I just want you to know that you CAN do this if you set your mind to it. EVEN if you have a busy schedule. I also want you to be able to find motivation through, not just myself, but other fitness hopefuls! SO, with out further ado…here’s what I did/ate today 😀

First of all…I am in the army, so my day started with a 0600 formation 😀 from there (it was awfully cold outside) the students and I went on a release run to the gym (a little over 1 mile, nice easy jog approx. 10 min mile pace) then we did prt. If you don’t know about PRT it’s ok…you can either google search it, or just know most of what we do in TRADOC is like a dynamic warm up…good to start your day with, nothing strenuous. 😀 after completing Prep Drills, CD1, CD2 and Push Up drills (not sit ups because the basketball court sucks for those) we did a nice jog back and some recovery drills.

After all this, I had 4 “Cups” of coffee (I have a 5 “cup” pot and 4 of those went into my mug) with 4 packets of Truvia, and a splash of Almond Milk. I ate a Cup of greek yogurt with peach (I get which ever brand is cheaper at my grocery store when I go.) and a hardboiled egg. I feel this is a good point to add that I am also a smoker (so smoking is NO EXCUSE for not being fit) so I also had my breakfast smoke.

For Lunch, I had leftovers of browned ground beef with cream of potato soup and carmalized onions and garlic with a splash of cheese.

About 2 hrs later, I had an apple and finished off my bag of green seedless grapes.

After a little bit of sitting around the office….it was a slow day, were not in cycle don’t judge me….I went to the Gym. I did the HIIT Treadmill work out (http://www.fitfabcities.com/2012/05/16/printable-workout-35-minute-hiit-interval-running-walking-or-treadmill-workout-and-playlist/), the Medicine Ball Tabata Work out (http://pumpsandiron.com/2013/01/07/medicine-ball-tabata-workout/) AND started the 30 Day Plank Challenge (http://thelemonbowl.com/2013/06/coping-with-weight-gain-after-achieving-weight-loss-success.html). All these work outs only took about 45 min!!! that’s it! not hard at all!!!  (well it was a definite workout, but 45 min isn’t much :D)

After all this, I have been planning on having Pumpkin Soup for dinner, THEN I get a call to come to dinner for a fundraiser at..BUM BUM BUM….BDUBS! Who in their right mind turns down BDUBS!!! SOO I roasted the butternut and left it cooling while I went to BDUBS and ordered the Asian Zing SALAD! I have never looked at the salads before…HOLY CRAP! DELISH! Just like the Asian Zing wings, but HEALTHIER….at least a bit lol. Don’t worry, I made sure to make it real good with some Boulevard Wheat Beer 😀

So that’s pretty much today…Right now I am watching Sons of Anarchy (catching up on last nights show) and letting the pumpkin soup I wanted tonight cool so I can have it for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Here’s the recipe https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=372518542875586&set=p.372518542875586.

So if your day looks better than this…GREAT!! But if you feel that you had some shortcomings….its OK!!! make the healthiest decision  you can at that time, and don’t let the BDUBS and Beer become a daily habit. Just remember to reward yourself, but not for things you haven’t done yet. 😀 and when all else fails, see above picture.